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Who We Are

Indico is about more than helping small, medium or large companies, governments and municipalities or people to invest. It is about offering the best products and services and the latest technology, paired with an exceptional customer service. 

We treat our clients’ challenges with the same care and responsibility that we apply to our own business and money. We see integrity and empathy as the basis of long-term trusted relationships and a progressive business and this is reflected in our consistently high execution standards and extraordinary personal commitment to our clients’ challenges.

We are fed with passion, responsibility, competence, knowledge and respect for the laws and rules of each jurisdiction (though we are not a bank and any resemblance to one is purely coincidental).

A Brief History

Indico Capital Merchant Limited was formed in 2020 in the Cheyenne Mountains, in an environment where companies envision the future of finance and their institutions while building long-lasting products, offering honest services and maintaining authentic relationships with their customers.

The Indico arose from the important amount of data obtained in listening to the demands and concerns of possible initial customers. The first prototype, presented to several entrepreneurs and investors, won the universal recognition from everyone.

Responsible entrepreneurship

Our objective is to anticipate the challenges of tomorrow by staying alert to the economic, social, and technological changes of today.

A pioneering spirit

We refuse the status quo and are constantly innovating. With our pragmatic approach and solid convictions, we strive to take actions that have a real impact. 

Our vision

Our vision is simple: give meaning to our clients’ businesses at all times and have a tangible influence on the future of the world.

Our Mission

Indico’s mission is to help create a society that protects and promotes the quality of human life. 

We encourage individuals and organizations to use their money in a way that benefits people and the environment. Making a significant difference for disadvantaged children who are victims of domestic violence, hunger, disease, drugs and wars is more important to us than profit.

 We recognise that our position in society carries with it a special responsibility towards the communities we are part of. We believe that the circumstances in which children grow up should not prove a barrier to success in life. 

That is why we pursue one common community investment mission across all our partners, offices and businesses: to make a meaningful difference to children and young people whose opportunities in life are restricted through disadvantage.

Our global community investment programme is aimed at effecting positive change in our communities by:

    • Providing support to charities and as well as to individuals – namely, promoting medical assistance, purchasing ambulances, hospital equipment and supplies, medicines, school equipment and supplies, food, clothing, shoes and other essential products.
    •  Offering our professional expertise to charities helping them to drive change for young people ; and
    • Encouraging our people to volunteer, using their skills to help young people to succeed in life.

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