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For most people, security is still much more emotional than a rational feeling. The great consultants have always popularized the concept of security with size and presence through offices in several countries. Banks have always popularized the concept of security with size and presence through bank branches. 

What we want to show is that people can feel the same security with a small independent management, tax, financial and investment advisory company. 

Our research shows that the companies can work safely with knowledge, showing people how safe it is to manage outside of big consultants or even outside banks. 

We provide our experience in management, tax, financial and investment consultancy, corporate services, global advisory, wealth & asset management, as well as meeting the requirements of development and growth of local and international companies.

We aspire to be the trusted advisor to our clients, which include corporations, financial institutions, financial sponsors, governments and public authorities and boards of directors and special committees.

By working with Indico Capital Merchant, you will have peace of mind that your financial portfolio is in safe, proficient hands that know what it takes to secure, maximise and cultivate your business, assets and wealth. Please see the products and services that we can offer below:

  • Advisory
  • Operations
  • Trading
  • Other

We provide analysis of companies’ operations, management, products, customers, and markets. We determine the most effective strategies and alternatives to help companies reach their objectives. These services include:

    • National or cross-border M&A
    • Corporate advisory services in M&A
    • Advice across all M&A & strategic assignments
    • Realization of strategic partnership (including start-ups)
    • Purchase/sale of companies/businesses units
    • Spin-off of companies (in part or in whole)
    • Divestitures of companies/businesses (in part or in whole)
    • Recapitalizations of companies
    • Co-investment & management (leverage buyouts)
    • Development of strategies to maximize efficiency, profits, & shareholder’s value
    • Supervision of the implementation of shareholder’s rights
    • Supervision of charter amendments (& other corporate governance provisions)
    • Planning of marketing strategies, corporate restructuring & rehabilitation
    • Public mergers & takeovers
    • Defence preparation & bid defences
    • Demergers
    • Business disposals & acquisitions
    • Joint ventures & strategic alliances
    • Privatizations
    • Shareholder reorganization
    • Fairness opinions & fiduciary matters
    • Corporate governance matters


We can advise buyers or sellers of distressed assets or companies throughout the entire process (including the identification of target/buyers, participation in the sales process and court proceedings if necessary). 

We recognize that executing M&A in distressed situations requires additional effort and specific skills: working with a highly levered acquirer/target; managing the bankruptcy process; performing a valuation withstanding court scrutiny; handling any conflicts of interest amongst different constituencies. We find creative strategic solutions to unlock value in every situation.

Our corporate department provides tailored solutions such as:

    • Syndicated loans
    • Guarantees
    • Trade finance operations
    • Receivable financing
    • Specialized financing
    • Commercial paper
    • Structured leasing operations involving other jurisdictions (Cross-border leasing)
    • Project bonds
    • Project finance advisory


Acting for target companies, special board committees or selling shareholders, we can assist in negotiations and give impartial advice about the merits of bids received.


Acting for public or private target companies, we advise interested buyers on attractive targets.

Cross-Border Advisory

We offer clients a seamless cross-border advisory service with a global perspective.

We offer analysis and evaluation of strategic funding objectives (including credit ratings). We can help design optimal rating strategies and offer support in addressing internal and external stakeholder requirements. Our main debt advisory services include:

    • Rating advisory
    • Capital structure choice
    • Debt capacity assessment
    • Financial policy formulation
    • Funding optimization
    • Unbiased customised advice 
    • Support to local and international issuers in managing their credit ratings.

Combining extensive local knowledge and international experience, Indico stands out as an independent, impartial advisor, offering:

    • Valuations
    • Business planning
    • Restructuring
    • Funding
    • Project finance
    • Privatizations
    • MBO, MBI and LBO
    • Takeover defence
    • Divestment
    • Corporate refinancing
    • Identification of suppliers, buyers, partners, & business opportunities.
    • Corporate or sovereign bonds
    • High-yield debt
    • Securitization
    • Pre-IPOs, IPOs & post-IPOs 
    • Secondary offerings
    • Valuations, acquisitions & divestments
    • Corporate underwriting
    • Export finance
    • Lease structures
    • Commercial mortgages

With the support of duly licensed banks and exchange offices, Indico offers customers the possibility of making transactions in the main currencies (American dollars, Japanese yens, British pounds, Euros and Canadian dollars). 

We also assist in the purchasing and selling of foreign currency (spot rate/forward rate).

Indico provides liquidity in fixed income products to our clients by utilising our extensive network of partnerships, banks, investment houses, institutional trading desks and international brokers. We can also support the negotiation of sovereign and companies, with a focus on emerging markets.


We provide account management services between two parties to help with negotiating securities, contracts, receivables, amongst other transactions.

The Escrow Account will be managed in a neutral and independent manner until all contractual clauses defined between the parties are fulfilled – this has the benefit of mitigating counterparty risk.

INDICO CAPITAL MERCHANT aims to help States, Municipalities and countries in general to build better communities. Offering access to management solutions, restructuring of government departments, infrastructure financing in general and in particular for municipal issuers in a wide range of sectors.

We provide solutions to all types of state and municipal governments and organizations. Our dedicated team of government bankers structure thoughtful strategies and keep the clients updated regarding the current best practices so that the government organization has the practical tools and resources needed to meet today’s budgetary, tax collection, financing and liquidity challenges.

Indico Capital Merchant works with Committed Partners namely, institutional and non-institutional investors, investment banks, investment houses; leasing, insurance and international factoring companies and use strategic relationships to support government clients in the areas of education, health, public works and infrastructure, economics and finance, tax or defense and security, providing community resources to improve economic prospects, and investing in infrastructure.

With the support of the most prominent banks and custodian houses, law firms and independent lawyers, Indico offers a wide range of custody services, to assist in the management and safeguarding of asset portfolios.
As a custodian, we hold scheme assets on trust and follow a strict asset registration process to ensure they are both identifiable and properly segregated from other trust assets. We hold title to the assets, to the physical custody of deeds, to maintaining the bank accounts and to entering contracts on behalf of the scheme.
We provide custody services for a range of wholesale and retail investment products, such as Property syndicates, Mortgage funds, Agricultural schemes, Retirement villages and more.
Our custody team offers the following:
Our custody team offers the following:
    • Legal ownership of scheme assets
    • Holding/recording market transactions in identifiable accounts
    • Managing clients’ payments as instructed 
    • Receipt & recording of all custody & income maturities
    • Reconciliation of bank accounts
    • Holding & recording scheme title documents in secure, fire rated, & scheme segregated facilities
    • Execution of documents in accordance with client instructions 
    • Quarterly compliance reports
    • Confirmations of net tangible assets & asset confirmations
    • Annual audit of our control environment

Our qualified trustees can help ensure your assets are preserved, protected and transferred as you intend. Indico is well positioned to provide trustees for a broad array of trusts to meet your current and future goals. Our Family Business Wealth team puts your interests first, making sure your wealth and assets are managed in the best possible way.

Selecting the right trustee to fit your needs is an important consideration when setting up a trust. Our trustees make sure your financial resources are optimally managed so the assets entrusted to us are eventually made available to the beneficiaries of the trust.

Depending on your specific needs, our trustees can act as sole trustee, co-trustee or successor trustee.  The structures of our clients’ trusts differ widely, as do their needs. We actively listen to our clients, tailoring our service offerings to their individual requirements. 

Selecting Indico as your trustee provider offers you a number of advantages, including:

    • Quality and experience – Our trustees are selected for their qualifications, skills and experience in trust management and they are trained to keep up to speed with the latest developments in governance.

    • Continuity – With a large pool of trustees, continuity is assured.

    • Global reach and local presence – We operate with partners that are in more than 125 offices in 83 jurisdictions, covering all regions of the world.

    • Single provider – In addition to trustee services, we also provide supporting services such as accounting, tax compliance, secretarial, and reporting service

With the support of investment banks, Indico acts as principal organizer (or may appoint a third institution as organizer) regarding various products and facilities, which includes syndicating:

    • Corporate credit & loan facilities

    • Project (debit or equity) loan facilities

    • Guarantee for governments and municipalities (infrastructure)

Most issues in the family and estate area frequently lead to emotional and psychological strain for the parties involved, demanding a special effort from the lawyer, who must go beyond correct application of the law and a strong defense of his client’s interests.
Many family conflicts derive from the absolute ignorance of the parties involved when it comes to the main family and estate rules. Other matters drag on for years because of improper advice and strategically wrong decisions.
Indicos’ Trustee services law team draws on over 30 years of experience and is highly qualified to assist clients in preventing and resolving disputes of this kind.
The firm’s advisory and litigation practice in this area involves:
    • Alimony (request for granting, review, exemption and enforcement)
    • Marriage (property ruling and premarital agreements)
    • Divorce
    • Gifts
    • Custody and minor visiting regulations
    • Interdiction
    • Estate and succession planning
    • Probate proceedings and simplified probate proceedings
    • Filiation (adoption and parenthood investigation)
    • Precautionary measure for listing of assets
    • Precautionary measure for separation of spouses
    • Apportionment of assets
    • Wills
    • Guardianship
    • Stable union (recognition and dissolution).

Over the course of its history, Indico has developed specific expertise in advising non-profit organisations, including charities, foundations, endowment funds, religious groups, professional federations, mutual health insurers and pension funds.

We have a team of dedicated relationship managers, many of whom are involved in the voluntary sector themselves, and who advise a large number of charities and religious groups.

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